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Young man outdoors - PackPal Doubles
Single Double Tablet on Backpack
PackPals Single showing 6 variations
PackPal Doubles - young Latino male
Students selfie wearing PackPals
Color-coordinated PackPals backpacks
PackPal-Tablet - three young-adults
PackPals - Single, Double & Tablet





PackPals is a new concept for carrying your phones and tablets plus your music, games, digital gear and personal accessories where they're always within quick and easy reach — on the strap of your backpack.



Colors and Textures are available in all styles.

Midnite Black Single-style PackPal - Avilable in a range of solid colors.
Black, White and Solid Colors to match or contrast your backpack.
Gold Alligator Double-style PackPal - available in a range of reptile textures, colors and animal prints
Gold and Silver Alligator plus glitter black and white.
Tablet-style with holographic dynamically changing colors.
Holographic dynamically changes color with viewing angle.
Double-style Orange Solar Storm PackPal that glistens - also available in blue and lime.
Sparkle Orange, Green, and Blue PackPals sparkles in the light.
Tablet-style PackPal with Palomino Snake print - available in a variety of reptile finishes and textures.
Palomino Snake, Black & White Rattlesnake and Lizard prints and textured.
Single-style PackPal in alligator ocean blue - available in a wide range of colors, finishes and textures.
Alligator / Crocodile Materials in a wide range of colors.

Available in a wide variety of textures and patterns, PackPals are designed to fit your style. Current selection includes Alligator/Crocodile, Saddle, Snake, Lizard, Emu, Solar Sparkle, Sandstone, Prints, Solids and the dynamically changing Holographic surfaces. Colors and textures are added frequently.


PackPals come in three styles, Single, Double, and Tablet and can be added to both sides or either side of a double-strapped backpack.


PackPals are of course ideal for phones and tablets and for most frequently used items — money, games and game cases, Pokémon card packs, card decks, keys, glasses, MP3 players, GPS, fitness monitors, wallets, puzzles, tools, gadgets, anything that you'd like to have conveniently within reach. 


Attachment of the PackPal The PackPal uses your backpack's strap and its loop used for hanging the backpack for attachment of the PackPal. Attachment is easy:​

See how it works...

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